Well, it’s about time

I decided to “save” this blog domain on WordPress probably seven years ago with the noble intent of blogging.  I cannot say that I have much more to say now than I did when I first intended to blog, but here I am.  My goal is to occasionally post reviews about the books I am reading (nearly always something related to Christian theology) or comment on the current state-of-affairs in Christianity. I would be much obliged to anyone crazy enough to click the “follow me” button at the top of the blog.  It helps me in getting the occasional complimentary book from publishers to review.

I don’t go into this with the intent to pontificate as an amateur theologian (there are far too many already trying their hand at it on the internet).  Instead, I’d rather comment from the perspective of someone in the trenches, as a layperson.  I’m interested at how America has produced the majority of the world’s Christian denominations and the intersection of American consumerism and the impact on contemporary Christianity.

Sometimes it isn’t post-modernism, secularism, or new atheism, but American Christianity that makes one feel like a stranger in a strange land.