Monday of Holy Week


“Figs fit for the Fire”

The curse has fallen upon us

Yet you did not leave us to die,

Your journey from eternity

To ransom many from one

Who unjustly has held us

In bonds of captivity,

You let Your people go

Five hundred some years ago,

Blessed us with the Way

But we cannot see the Truth

Even when He walks

Before our very eyes,

Sacrifices we have offered You

But never the sacrifice You desired,

The Way you gave us

We have perverted,

The time of Your visitation

Swiftly comes upon us,

Like fig trees without figs

Naked You found us,

An unfruitful tree

Is our nation,

Dried wood without fruit

Only fit for the fire,

How is it that You

Will take this dried wood,

Bear it upon Your shoulders

And embrace the fire for us?

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