The Visitor

It has been a long time since I tried writing but felt the need to hash out the following. Consider it a work in progress.


One will  come to remove the logs

Growing from our eyes,

To replace the lies

We sleep with at night,

With blinding truth

No eye can behold.


The visitor rides to town

Respecting not celebrity,

Demanding glass towers

Bow from their heights,

Mocking the exalted

While exalting the mocked.


There is no hiding the hideousness

We makeup as beautiful,

No disguising the truth

Of the death we enshrine.


Our visitation comes near

Ignorant though we are,

In this age of reason

Our intellect betrays us,

With a kiss from Death

Kept fondly in our hearts,

Stoned in calluses

Meted with callousness,


How long has the man

Desired to gather us,

But in gathering

We raise our swords,

Crying our for justice

We know not what we ask,

When weighed who is found wanting

Those crying out for justice,

Despising our own sacrifice

Sacrificing the innocents,

Exalting our noble civilization

Condemned by our very testimony,


Advancing through the age

Swiftly comes the arrival,

Entrancing upon the stage

The appearance transforms all,

The cold mirror shatters

And the scales fall,

Abstract and theory fail as

Reality stems from advent.