An Update on Family Prayer in ACNA’s Proposed Book of Common Prayer

The Liturgy Task Force (LTF) for the ACNA has updated numerous sections of its Texts for Common Prayer as of January 2018.  One proposed text in particular has captured my attention due to this blog’s emphasis on family catechesis and prayer.  Namely, the greatly abbreviated daily office for family prayer.

Previously, I brought attention to how the proposed ACNA daily office for family prayer is substantially lacking in terms of content when compared to the 1928 Book of Common Prayer. Indeed, I proposed and submitted to the LTF a slightly modernized and complete version of the family prayer daily office that Bishop Gibson originally authored.

My submission appears to have fallen on deaf ears as the only noticeable changes to the ACNA proposal is revising the Psalms and minor formatting.  The changes to the Psalms likely correspond with the LTF’s work on a “Revised Cloverdale Psalter.”  I had hoped that my submission (while rather large when compared to their current proposal) would at least encourage the LTF to expand the family prayer section more in tune to the 1928 Book of Common Prayer.  Although the LTF did not make any movement towards expanding their draft family prayer office, I remain hopeful that the LTF is open to further revision and expansion.

To that extent, the LTF has been very vocal lately in its call for feedback.  If you share my concern that the ACNA proposed family prayer daily office is lacking then I ask that you please contact the LTF at and respectfully ask that they consider using the full work of Bishop Gibson’s family prayers or at least update the version published in the 1928 Book of Common Prayer.  Using the 1928 family prayer offices is a relatively easy route for the LTF to take as the REC 2003 Modern Language BCP has already done the LTF’s work for them by modernizing the text. (See pages 160-167).

Should the LTF decline further revision to the family prayer section of the ACNA BCP, I would like to publish my edited work of Bishop Gibson’s classic.  Please feel free to comment whether you would be interested in such a work.  My present work could be expanded with a guide on how to start a family oratory in the Anglican tradition and concluding with the edited version of Bishop Gibson’s family prayers.

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