Be miserable in the new year

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Bishop J.C. Ryle: a New Year’s sermon – “Are You Ready?”

A must-read sermon for the new year that focuses on the hard realities of life, and the only hope for the human condition.


As has become a tradition on this blog, I am posting this again–a New Year’s sermon by J.C. Ryle, “Are You Ready?” and I think it is a good way to begin a new year:

I ASK you a plain question at the beginning of a new year: Are you ready?

It is a solemn thing to part company with the old year. It is a still more solemn thing to begin a new one. It is like entering a dark passage: we know not what we may meet before the end. All before us is uncertain: we know not what a day may bring forth, much less what may happen in a year. Reader, are you ready?

Are you ready for sickness? You cannot expect to be always well. You have a body fearfully and wonderfully made: it is awful to think how many diseases may assail it.

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