Teaching Scripture to Our Children

This is a must read for every Christian raising their children, or struggling to raise, their children in the faith.

The Homely Hours

One of the reasons my husband and I came to Anglicanism is because of the reverence in the worship. The glad solemnity of our Anglican liturgy harmonized with our understanding of the Scriptures — humility and the “fear of the Lord”  as part of our response to the love and mercy of Christ.

As we became parents, it was important to us to communicate that reverence and glad solemnity to our children. We felt it did a disservice to both Christianity and our children to dumb the faith down, but it can be confusing to have that conviction. So many of the books and products available for children are kitsch-y, cartoon-y, irreverent. I don’t really want my children associating Bible stories with talking vegetables…

So, we have been very reticent. Going along with our church, we have invited our children into the fullness of our Christian practice. They attend…

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