Holy Week: A Return to Musings

Excellent musings from a colleague and friend. I hope he continues to publish more of his musings.

Hough Post

“I can write no more. All that I have written seems like straw.” These words uttered eight centuries ago marked the end of the road for Thomas Aquinas — one of the most prolific philosopher-theologians and saints in Christian Church history. In a dream, Aquinas had beheld the depth and the glory of the God whose truth he spent his life trying to convey in written word. He was struck by his own insufficiency to ever paint such a transcendent picture with his human words. His colossal Summa Theologiae would remain unfinished, and he would die months later.

I have neither revelatory dreams nor a portfolio heavy enough to sink a small battleship, but I wrestle with the same refrain: “All that I have written seems like straw.” Too often, I read things, think things, speak things, argue points, and then sit down to write only to be struck with…

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