First Office of Instruction Audio and ACGS – Pelham Podcast Availability

As the new Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd – Pelham, AL podcast is added to more apps, please check the website to see where you can download. We are still hoping it will be available on iTunes soon but it is currently available on seven different apps:

Also, we recorded the First Office of Instruction from the 2003 REC Book of Common Prayer as a service and plan on doing the Second Office soon.  The REC BCP version is spot on with the 1928 BCP except for a few very minor additions, namely breaking up the Ten Commandments into more questions. The responses remain the same.  We hope to record more parts of the classic prayer book, especially the 1662 Catechism and the 1928 American Family Prayer Offices to assist families with their devotional life.

Monks with Benefits – The Miserable Offenders Podcast

Another Miserable Offenders podcast dropped and it is entitled “Monks with Benefits” due to yours truly mentioning in the pre-recording prep that The Benedict Option or #BenOp seems to be calling Christian families into a form of monasticism. And well, since we’re married, perhaps that makes us monks with benefits? I digress…