From The North American Anglican: Jacob Hootman on the ACNA 2019 Book of Common Prayer

Another addition to the debate on the fidelity of the 2019 ACNA BCP to the 1662 BCP.


Having mentioned two posts on The North American Anglican about the ACNA 2019 Book of Common Prayer, I thought I would link to another perspective published therein – this one by Jacob Hootman.  Its title is The ACNA Prayerbook: Faithful to the 1662 BCP? and it is worth reading along with the others.  His conclusion?

The 2019 Prayer Book is, without a doubt, the closest that anyone can get in the aftermath of 1979 to a contemporary English Prayer Book-style liturgy. It is truly a book of compromise, forged over the last ten years by many capable and Godly individuals, but it is also a book of principles, which have been uniformly applied throughout the text. I have every confidence that this prayer book reflects the doctrine and practice of the 1662.

I will let you read the post by Mr. Hootman and see what he says in reaching this…

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