The Multivocational Life

The Anglican Church in North America has always embraced planting missions across the continent. Archbishop Robert Duncan began his tenure pressing the Anglican 1000 initiative, with the goal of planting 1,000 parishes within ten years. Archbishop Foley Beach took up the mantle with his Always Forward initiative and now Presiding Bishop Ray Sutton (Reformed Episcopal Church) has rolled out REC 100 – with a goal of 100 new REC parishes .

As you can imagine, there are a lot of church planters or potential church planters in ACNA. Perhaps you know one? Or maybe you are one. Well this little post is hopefully one of encouragement for those of you sojourning as a missionary or is informative for those considering taking the plunge. If you are neither one then I hope it spurs you to pray for your friends who are engaged in what I call the multivocational life.

Why not bivocational? Well for one, many of us who are serving missions are living a trivocational or more life. But the multivocational life is more than where one finds their paycheck. The multivocational life is not unique to mission priests (or in my case, mission deacon) but is truly what every Christian lives. We have our family, our spouse, our career(s), our volunteer work, etc. Every aspect is a different vocation to different people – so congratulations – you already live a multivocational life my friend!

But living the multivocational life in the mission context is often a miserable existence of being overextended but telling yourself “I’m multitasking.” No you’re not. You’re majoring in the minors or simply failing to finish any given project before you.

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One thought on “The Multivocational Life

  1. Will June 24, 2020 / 8:00 am

    Reblogged this on Prydain and commented:
    From Deacon Andrew Brashier, here are some good thoughts on “The Multivocational Life”. He makes this point that pertains to all of us: “The multivocational life is not unique to mission priests (or in my case, mission deacon) but is truly what every Christian lives.” That is something we should all remember.

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