Another Good Example for Family Prayer

Another good post on how to engage in family prayer by Eric Parker.  Eastertide is a good time to start with regular family prayer.


The Passion 2015

He hangs before us
On the Tree of Life,
Behold the Son
Reigning on high.

Life comes in death
Now death is life,
By partaking the fruit
Hanging from the Tree.

Blood and wine
Bread and body,
The physician’s cure
Healing our wounds.

What price, what price
To redeem the race,
The ones whom He saves
Nailed Him on the Tree.

This Tree of death
Transformed into life,
With a fruit so dear
It achieves new life.

Maundy Thursday

A night of mystery

Of starry wonder,

Brings us to

A garden prayer,

The sweat on Your brow

From a prayer that we be one,

As You are with your Father

So should us twelve be.

We partook of the cup

While breaking the bread,

Said it is your body

Soon to be broken,

But we want to know who

Amongst us is the greatest?

Yet we are not to

Rule with authority,

James argues with his brother

As you walk over to me,

Pouring water into the basin

Washing both of my feet,

Why should you serve me?

The king cleanse the subject?

Son of God you serve

Those whom you created,

Life you impart to us

As long as we remain,

Abiding in you as

Branches in the vine,

Passing over our sin

Shedding blood for our lives,

Feeding my soul with

Your body and blood,

Freeing my body

From sin, death, and hell,

But tonight Son of Man

Betrayal will strike,

Twelve shall flee Him

Who refused to fight,

Satan shall take delight

As Judas comes to kiss,

The serpent is striking

But so is your heel,

Peter strikes with the sword

Yet you rebuke his anger,

Beginning your passion

Through healing the guard,

The road to the Cross

Paved with your Love.

Monday of Holy Week


“Figs fit for the Fire”

The curse has fallen upon us

Yet you did not leave us to die,

Your journey from eternity

To ransom many from one

Who unjustly has held us

In bonds of captivity,

You let Your people go

Five hundred some years ago,

Blessed us with the Way

But we cannot see the Truth

Even when He walks

Before our very eyes,

Sacrifices we have offered You

But never the sacrifice You desired,

The Way you gave us

We have perverted,

The time of Your visitation

Swiftly comes upon us,

Like fig trees without figs

Naked You found us,

An unfruitful tree

Is our nation,

Dried wood without fruit

Only fit for the fire,

How is it that You

Will take this dried wood,

Bear it upon Your shoulders

And embrace the fire for us?