Episode 5 – The Miserable Offenders Podcast

Episode 5 is live and available at The North American Anglican or on iTunes. Please remember to subscribe and review on iTunes if you are enjoying the podcast so other listeners can discover The Miserable Offenders podcast.


From the UECNA: a promising theological resource — Prydain

I think quite highly of the United Episcopal Church of North America, and it turns out they have a series of videos in their Theological Institute that are very good. Topics covered include the Apocrypha, English Church History, History and Use of the Book of Common Prayer, and Public Worship. These are definitely worth looking […]

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Additional Anglican Resources

Continuing on a series of posts that links to Anglican content (see here & here), I am providing a few more resources:

The Miserable Offenders Podcast from The North American Anglican.

The Prydain Blog’s Resources page (also an excellent blog!)

An Apology for the Church of England, Bishop John Jewel

The Two Books of Homilies

Family-Devotion; or, An exhortation to morning and evening prayer in families. Revised and enlarged, Bishop Edmund Gibson

Examination Questions On Professor Harold Browne’s Exposition of the Thirty-Nine Articles

A Collection of Private Devotions for The Hours of Prayer, Bishop John Cosin

Two Answers to Cardinal Perron: And Other Miscellaneous Works of Lancelot Andrewes

UECNA Theological Institute – Free online lectures

Episode 4 — The Miserable Offenders

Episode 4 is live my friends. Please subscribe and review if you like so others searching for similar podcasts will more easily find The Miserable Offenders podcast.


Fr. Isaac and Jesse continue to read and discuss a classic essay on the character of Anglican theology. The Spirit of Anglicanism is an essay by Paul Elmer More which appears in the volume Anglicanism: the thought and practice of the Church of England, of which More was co-editor. This volume is a compilation of excerpts…

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New Podcast: Miserable Offenders

The North American Anglican has started a new podcast available on iTunes and their website, entitled “Miserable Offenders.”  The first episode begins with a review of the first part of The Spirit of Anglicanism, an essay by Paul Elmer More.

* Full Disclosure: I have a vested interest as a regular contributor to the podcast. I hope you enjoy and if you do, please rate and review the podcast on iTunes not for ego’s sake, but so the podcast will be recommended to listeners of similar podcasts and it will push the podcast higher in searches.